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Fighters First is a full-service boxing management company that is led by former NABF Matchmaker of the Year, Jolene Mizzone. We are dedicated to helping boxers achieve their goals, and we provide them with a variety of services, including contract negotiation, event promotion, and media relations.

We believe that education, protection, and guidance are essential for boxers who are pursuing a professional career. We provide our clients with access to educational resources, such as financial planning and legal advice. We also have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to protecting the interests of our clients.

We are here to help boxers reach their full potential, and we are committed to guiding them through their professional journey. If you are a boxer who is looking for a team that will help you achieve your goals, then we encourage you to contact us today.



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Jolene Mizzone

Jolene Mizzone was the Vice President of Main Events for 10 years, was named NABF Matchmaker of the year. She is also a NJ Hall of Famer. Jolene has also worked alongside Hall of Fame promoter, Kathy Duva

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Chief Executive Officer

Adrian Clark

Adrian Clark is the Former CEO of AC Sports Management and founder of the Protect Yourself at All Times LLC. He was also named Forbes 30 Under 30 (class of 2016).

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At Fighters First Management, we are focused on the success of our clients.


1. Fighters have the right to know what is discussed (contractually & financially) between manager & promoter in regards to his/her name/company.

2. Fighters have the sole right to accept, or decline any deals, or fights offered.

3. Fighters have the right to terminate manager upon material breach of contract.

4. Fighters have freedom of speech to express themselves and their thoughts to management.

5. Fighters have the right to an education of the boxing business (if they choose to obtain it).

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